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neuromerchandisinig® „Wir glauben, dass Handel immer die Begegnung von Menschen ist. Nur wer den Menschen versteht ist dauerhaft erfolgreich.“
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“Interaction between people will always be a major part of trading.

Only those who understand the human being as a whole, will  be able to achieve long-term success.“

– Bert Martin Ohnemüller, CEO at neuromerchandising® group.

The neuromerchandising® group redefines the POS as a whole,

to create the best shopping experience possible. For us, the POS is not necessarily found in retail only, but any place where people meet and do business. Retail is never just about the supply of goods, but emotional impact.

The focus of the neuromerchandising® group lies on creating a pleasant atmosphere. Therefore, the neuromerchandising® group combines insights provided from brain research and evolutionary biology with the realities and necessities of the modern POS. This results in effective solutions for brands, retail and services.

The neuromerchandising® group enables their customers and employees to apply this knowledge in practice: Using unique methodology, providing working solutions and a reliable project management, resulting in increased sales and earnings.