neuromerchandising group | WHAT
neuromerchandisinig® „Wir glauben, dass Handel immer die Begegnung von Menschen ist. Nur wer den Menschen versteht ist dauerhaft erfolgreich.“
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Give your customer an idea. View the world anew.




The neuromerchandising® group is your pulse, your consultant and strategic partner with heart and mind.


Transformation through communication.

Lectures and workshops by Achim Fringes and Bert Ohnemüller convey the methodology of neuromerchandising® and inspire your audience with competence, practicality and relevance.

neuromerchandising® will bring emotions to your Point of Sale,

making it a Point of Soul, since everything that is not emotional, is irrelevant for the brain.


    • Introduction to the subject of neuromerchandising®
    • Senses and perceptions
    • How will my POS be experienced
    • Retail is the encounter of people
    • How to create a comfortable atmosphere
    • Specific case studies from different industries
    • Interactive development of the initial methods of approach

Lecture topics

Acting with all senses

What can we learn from neuroscience and evolutionary biology for more sales and profits.

The E-Factor

Trade is the encounter of people.

Leadership at the Point of Sale and shoppermarketing

Selling means understanding!

The power of emotions

How neuromerchandising® (r)evolutionizes the Point of Sale.

Growth to success

How to gain leadership in Sales

Do not fear a change in trade

Encouragement for new ways of thinking: assortment, companies, life.

From the Point of Sale to the Point of Success

Introduction to the topic neuromerchandising®


Achieving all your goals with enthusiasm.

Success comes as a consequence. Only if it is possible to reach the hearts and minds of people, we can achieve sustainable change. The neuromerchandising® group sees itself as an encourager and a consultant to the successful implementation of your projects. Additionally, we provide concrete products and solutions.

Answer those questions to you.

    • What do you stand for?

    • Why do you do what you do?

    • How do you want to be perceived?

    • How do you create a high enthusiasm at all marketing levels?


neuromerchandising® products

The neuromerchandising® group is your partner for the implementation of multi-sensorial solutions. Based on many years of experience we are confident that we can provide the right products for your emotional POS.

(You will see our product here soon)