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neuromerchandisinig® „Wir glauben, dass Handel immer die Begegnung von Menschen ist. Nur wer den Menschen versteht ist dauerhaft erfolgreich.“
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Understanding the human being.

The buying process and the decision-making process always merge together.

We combine the latest insights of neuroscience and evolutionary biology.

To understand the human being means to understand the process of how we perceive the realitiy around us. What are the reasons for our behavior and why do we behave the way we behave? The buying process is always connected with the decision-making process. Knowing that, one can conclude, that emotions are responsible for all of our actions. The future of retail lies in the right emotional appeal and authentic communication.


Understanding the Point of Sale.

neuromerchandising® defines the space (place), where people meet and make decisions. The process includes not only the reasons, why people decide to do something, but also the reasons why they act in a certain way.

The salesroom has a major impact on how people make decisions.

Therefore neuromerchandising® analyses and evaluates the salesroomsand anything within, that could  either consciously or unconsciously influence customer perception, since context and plausibility of perception are crucial factors. Furthermore our method includes the people interacting with each other within that room and takes into account the importance of the basic human characteristics as well.


With the right team.

Success is the result of trust and experience. We draw our knowledge from more than three decades of active work at the POS for retail, brand and services.

With the expertise gained from more than a thousand completed projects, we understand the necessities and realities of today’s market. Our interdisciplinary team will bring your brand and business to live and make it perceptible for your customers.

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